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Awkward Silence - Sublime edition

If you like this manga, I recommend buying this edition. It´s quite nice, the color pages are a lovely touch.

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YaoiCon 2012: SuBLime Manga

NYCC was the spotlight show this past weekend but on the other side of the US, another convention was also taking place - Yaoi-Con! For those who aren’t familiar with it, Yaoi Con is an annual convention dedicated to the boys’ love genre and all it’s colourful fandoms.

SuBLimeManga - Viz Media’s BL publishing partner - was at the show, marking the

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» Review: Three Wolves Mountain


Three Wolves Mountain

Manga-ka: Naono Bohra
Publisher: SuBLime
Rating: Mature (18+)
Release Date: June 2012

Synopsis: “Way up in the mountains, far from any major cities or towns, Kaya Susugi runs a small cafe by day and guards a haunted cemetery by night. Then, one night, he comes across werewolf brothers Tarou and Jiro. Cheerful but klutzy younger brother Jiro quickly falls head over heels for the capable loner Kaya. What results is a dive into the hot, tail-twitching delight of werewolf mating season!”

Three Wolves Mountains is an assortment of ‘finally!’s before I even took off the plastic wrap. It’s among the first of SuBLime Manga’s print editions , and only the second Naono Bohra work to be released in English. While the plot’s execution has its bumps, SuBLime made a fun and memorable choice in releasing a genre fan-favourite that serves up supernatural puppy love (of the sexy, mature-reader only variety!).

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» PR: SuBLime Debuts Honey Darling and Three Wolves Mountain



Bold Yaoi/Boys’ Love Manga Publisher Releases
Two Acclaimed New Titles This June

San Francisco, CA, June 12, 2012 – SuBLime, the global yaoi manga (graphic novel) publishing initiative between VIZ Media and Japan’s Animate, Ltd. (Animate), delivers its first pair of print editions with the worldwide debuts of HONEY DARLING, by Norikazu Akira, and THREE WOLVES MOUNTAIN, by Bohra Naono. Both new manga (graphic novel) are available now, are rated ‘M’ for Mature Readers, and carry an MSRP of $12.99 U.S. / $14.99 CAN.

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