Transparent cuties giving you flowers part two!

Part one

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2013 Calender Art!

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» Hetaween 2013: update with Australia and New Zealand




That’s the sort of relationship they have.


T/N:"Parent notes" is the sort of correspondence notebook Japanese parents an the class teacher exchange.

Also my sincerest apologies for my lack of imagination when it comes to Australian and New Zealand English.

New Zealand is so adorable!! *w*

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"Military uniform nekotalia
I will continue to do requests until 4pm"

Hetaween 2013:
Translation: HetaliaHalloween
Next Update: He will be working on requests until 4pm
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[Blog post] [LJ - hikari_kaitou]

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[Hetalia Event] Namja Town Food 2010 - Part 1 (ice-cream city 1/1)

An old event back in 2010, but dear gosh I dream they would do another event like it. The menu had 25 menu items in it and each food/drink/dessert menu came with a round sticker. There were also tons of other little events and prizes. 

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u vu) Deer and pony.

They’re in love♥

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» Hetalia Café 2013


I was lucky enough to get over to the Hetalia Café again this year. So glad I could make it before I move back home to England this summer - it was a really great “last hoorah” for my fangirly life in Japan.


Apologies in advance. This is going to be wordy. I’m just so excited to share my experience with other people who actually care about Hetalia! Feel free to skip all my rambling descriptions and tangents - there are plenty of photos to look at, too.

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