Hey! I was wondering why you don't like Sam?


because glee has a history of raising all the white, straight, able-bodied cis men in the show on undeservedly high pedestals by manipulating situations in order to make them the saviors for the more marginalized characters. Sam gets away with making a lot of problematic, racist, and ignorant comments that are played off for laughs and never really acknowledged later on. Like I get that this is pretty common behavior for most of the glee characters (even my favorites) considering the writers, but they certainly aren’t given as much screen time as Sam, and they’re definitely not as coddled with reassurances that they’re “special” by their peers. Not to mention most of the marginalized characters apparently aren’t priorities for receiving support to succeed. (AND YET SCHUESTER WINS BEST TEACHER AWARD ONCE AGAIN) Am I supposed to think that’s a coincidence?

That being said, it’s not like Sam made an offensive joke ONE TIME and I chose to resent him, he consistently acts this way and instead of apologies, I get: “That’s just his character!” or “Being naively offensive is just part of his personality, it wasn’t intentional” as if those are plausible excuses for insulting someone and getting away with no consequences. And it’s pretty pointless to pretend like it’s NOT because he’s benefiting from white privilege.



And that’s not even getting into BLAM’S BLATANT DOUBLE STANDARD. I won’t talk about it too much since there’s been A LOT of better discussions going on by much more eloquent speakers than I am but here is a good post I had bookmarked a while ago that sums up how I mostly feel about Sam (though it does leave out his offensive commentary on Mercedes’ friends and his continued gross treatment towards Tina since I think it was posted before that episode aired?)

So yeah, I’m pretty miffed at the fact that Sam is back EVERY episode for this shortened final season with a slew of new characters which he will no doubt have a giant ass spotlight in filling Finn’s shoes as the new leader, instead of focusing on their already existing, more diverse part of the cast that is INFINITELY more interesting and much more deserving of attention.

I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot of other things since it’s been a while since I’ve seen the episodes, but that’s the main gist of it. 

Klaine should be ruling Glee by now! But nooo, make them fight over stupid things! °A°

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[imagines a character in the hands of better writers]

[imagines a scenario in the hands of better writers]

[imagines a whole show and concept in the hands of better writers]

Glee: great actors, great production, awful writers who just don´t know WTF to do with their characters. -_-

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» The glee fandom





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» Let’s replace the paper bag…


as requested by @gleekyginger x


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That last level is pretty fucking fantastic, let me tell you.

My favorite fandom graphic.

about glee

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Glee: Watch Darren Criss Hilariously Quiz Lea Michele and Chris Colfer’s Broadway Knowledge!

This is hilarious! XD

Blaine!Tv host AU pls!

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why don’t tv writers realize there are better storylines than cheating and death

About Glee…

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When you move in with somebody in any relationship, it’s going to be a challenge. I think they are going to face some challenges together and see if they can get through them or not,” Criss teased about the post-proposal life of Blaine and Kurt in New York together. “There are some cool, very adult themes that are exciting to explore. Fans that have gotten older while watching the show can relate.
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thejohnlock Love my family! #glee100 celebration today!!

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Always a good time.

This should have happened instead of a whole season wasted on the new guys. =I No one cares about them! °A°

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