Reaction Post 409 “Swan Song”

In this episode, Brittany reminds us that “love is love,” but is that what they show us? We are very disappointed with the double standards displayed on Glee in its depiction of same sex versus opposite sex romantic relationships. The Brittany/Sam storyline makes these double standards abundantly clear.

A quick reassurance: we are NOT saying that Brittany should stay single or only date girls. This is not a shipping campaign, and Brittany is bisexual. We encourage all Glee fans to not be guilty of bisexual erasure in their commentary on this issue.

However, there are some clear examples of Glee’s double standards in the way this relationship has been portrayed. Brittany and Sam sing a duet together, share private conversations, and kiss in this episode, the same episode in which they first showed romantic interest in each other. These are all things that Brittany/Santana fans had to actually fight for, for months, to see on screen with the two girls. It took Santana and Brittany 10 episodes to kiss after becoming official (and that’s not even counting Seasons 1 and 2, when they were having sex with each other but not “official”). Brittany and Sam? 1 episode. Brittany and Artie back in Season 2? 1 episode. The contrast for Santana and Brittany is stark. Santana and Brittany didn’t even have one single private conversation in Season 3, when they were in a happy and stable relationship. Their only private conversations in Season 4 thus far served their breakup. This is unequal treatment, and a double standard.

We also note that Brittany is allowed to explore a new relationship with a guy but there is no evidence of Santana doing likewise with a girl. We have barely seen Santana this season, and there has been minimal focus on her romantic life. There are no indications so far that this will change in the immediate future. Glee seems happy to show a new heteronormative relationship but not a new lesbian relationship? This is an example of lesbian erasure.

Finally, Glee has provoked fans deliberately with the meta statement in this episode about “lesbians of the nation…for whom it means a lot to see two super hot popular girls in love” in this episode. Given Ryan’s previous negative interactions with Brittana fans on Twitter, this is, at best, insensitive and, at worst, malicious in their dismissal of fans’ concerns

Love is love, but that’s not what we have just witnessed on Glee.

Please look out for our Glee Equality Report on Monday and, in the meantime, we encourage you to let FOX know of any concerns you may have.


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We always encourage you to write FOX as that has more impact than email, but if you send a copy of your letter to your voice will be heard right away. Be sure to include a one-sentence summary of your email (or letter) at the top to ensure your key message gets through even if it gets only the briefest skimming, e.g. GLEE: unhappy, Brittany/Sam pairing, heterosexual versus lesbian relationship double-standards

I´m not a Brittana shipper, but the meta was really shitty towards their fans. D:

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» "In this room, it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight."


Or does it?

If you want things to change in Season 4, call or write FOX now. Helpful talking points. Download our printable GEP campaign kit PDF.

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