Free! Production Artwork and Staff Art Books

I am madly in love with Production Artwork of any kind and my family and I have been collecting it for over 15 years. I was giddy with joy to find out books were being made that would include art and messages by the staff, genga/douga (animation sketches), and probably every single settei (design settings/reference drawings) ever used to make the anime Free!. Because the books with the genga/douga were only sold at Comiket and will not be made available for general sale… my hand was forced…

Many of the settei in the book featuring them have been made available in other art books, so I am not sure I will scan that entire thing, but who doesn’t want to see details of the “shark and katana” design on Samezuka’s team shirts or Nagisa’s sleepy penguin pajamas?

I do however plan to scan all of the genga/douga, which are my top favourites. If you have an opinion on what you want to see next please let me know! First up is the most fun to read, and the longest of the books……the Creator’s Message Book!!!

I don’t plan to do translations of all of the messages in the Creator’s Message Book. It’s just too time consuming and I am not trained as a translator. Anyone is free to do anything they like with these scans, including translations/scanlations, just maybe give credit if it’s not too much trouble!

I did translate the Table of Contents so that when the art begins to get questionable later on, you can check which staff drew it to find out what they worked on. I think you might begin to wonder right around the part where Rin has lipstick, eyelashes and a glass of wine.

(Note: The images are actually quite big, so if you view them seperately with View Image or whatever you can see them enlarged. I tagged it with some pair names also, because I thought people would really like some of the art of various characters hanging out together!)

So please enjoy!!!!!!!

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¡Voten por su preferida! El diseño más popular se convertirá en la mascota oficial del Omnibus, además de que el autor tendrá el privilegio de conformar la portada del libro con su personaje.

La mecánica es simple: Envíame un mensaje en el askbox diciendo cuál fue la mascota que te gustó más, y tu usuario de Twitter. Cada persona podrá votar sólo una vez, y únicamente por un diseño. 

Ej. “Soy @PadrinoTragico y voto por Fulanito”

Nuestros participantes son :

1) Fiaca4 (Quien también diseñó un fondo especial para su chica)

2) Sukihii (Acompañó a su chica con un adorable pajarito de Twitter)

3) Hibarinrinrin (¡Su chica tiene un uniforme realmente distintivo!)

El último día para registrar tu voto es este sábado (15 de Noviembre). Al día siguiente, domingo, los organizadores @AresSilvers, @Hibarinrinrin y yo (@PadrinoTragico) anunciaremos al ganador.

Gracias por su atención, y ¡mucha suerte!

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If you are a Hetalia fan and don´t know whether or not buy the new Arte Stella edition, Piccolo, here´s a comparison.

They have exactly the same content, but Piccolo is smaller, like manga size, and doesn´t have any goodies, no cards, no poster, just the book.

So Piccolo is a good option if you can´t afford the regular edition of Arte Stella.

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