Miyako Odori 2014!

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it was such a lovely sunny day yesterday!

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Society speaks about the samurai, but not of the ONNA-BUGEISHA, female samurai.

In the earlier periods such as the Heian and Kamakura, there were female members of the samurai class who became prominent or even present on the battlefield.

The most famous women warriors were Tomoe Gozen and Hangaku Gozen.

Women were trained mainly with the naginata because of its versatility against all types of enemies and weapons. They would also use the kaiken – a type of dagger – and the art of tantojutsu in battle.

During the Sengoku period there are accounts of the wives of warlords, dressed in ornated armor, leading bands of women armed with naginata.

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Higashiyama Hanatoro 2014: “Gosho no Oniwa” danced by maiko Satohana (green) and Ichimari (purple) with a song performed by geiko Satonosuke

Satonosuke has a beautiful voice! “Gosho no Oniwa” means literally “Imperial Garden”

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As a writer, I know how much research must be done to get something down accurately but, while some things are easy to do research on, other things are more difficult. For example, a country’s everyday culture.

Some things you can’t really understand unless you’ve lived in a…

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Part 1 of my drawings for Japan Lover Me's  Kakkoii month last December 2013! ♥


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Maiko Kanoemi and cherry blossoms of April by KTHU1822 - BLOG

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you know, people always joke about japanese people being obsessed over american media like spongebob and seinfeld as if it never happens just to pick on weeaboos and stuff, but i met this japanese kid who is obsessed with full house and friends and learned all of his english from them and he told me he dreams of visiting the full house house and living a “simple american life”

There’s even a tag for it on Pixiv

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Process of Yuzen - The making of a kimono

Now I understand why real kimonos are so expensive.

One of my kimono was made using Yuzen. I have it hanging on a wall because it is a work of art worthy of being adored.

this video is totally worth 10 minutes of your life

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Ōkunoshima, aka “Rabbit Island”, aka heaven

first cat island now bunny island does japan just have islands for every adorable animal is there a puppy island or a hamster island i have to know

look up nara, another region of japan that is basically this but with deers. 


is japan animal crossing

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