my first attempt - flour tortilla tacos<3

but this is kinda fake tacos because the wrapper is made of flour x)

*real* tortilla is available at the import food shop where I found my tacos sauce, but as I have mentioned already, tacos is not very popular over here, so the factory made tortilla may not be quite fresh. I want to buy some corn flour somewhere by the next time:)

This flour tortilla is, although I followed the tortilla recipe, it seemed almost exactly the same thing as the wrapper I make for other Chinese recipes. It’s basically flour, little oil and some water, plus a pinch of salt:3

In other word, anyone who knows how to make tortilla from scratch can make the gyoza wrapper I made the other day!:D

My tacos was good and looked healthy, but I want to make it more spicy the next time. The green sauce was unexpectedly mild.

Dear Kumako, if you ever come to Mexico, I´ll take you to eat delicious tacos. :)