how would you eat an iwatobi cream bread?
free! eternal summer 05 - preview

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Precious baby! <3

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When does Nagisa realize that he’s in love with Rei? Same thing with Rei!


It’s so difficult to say because doesn’t it seem like they have already? Yet they’re still not together! I can only guess, and yet there are so many moments between them I could be missing the subtlest, more important signs!


For Nagisa, the physical attraction came first. This is a true facet of his character, as we know he tends to fall for looks. However, these infatuations pass quickly, the horoscope notes. We can see his initial, physical attraction Rei pretty clearly in episode 3. 

But what’s important is that his infatuation doesn’t end here. It develops further, past the initial stages of physical attraction. He doesn’t lose interest. It only grows and changes, develops to match Rei, who isn’t the suave athlete he appears. He’s a total dork, a stumbling, awkward, loud nerd. And that is what Nagisa ends up falling in love with.

Where, though, is this written in stone? It’s hard to say, because it happened so naturally. Nagisa hung off of Rei because he found him attractive and, through hanging off of him, grew closer until he became the one. He does take responsibility, too, and is protective or Rei beginning as early as episode 4. I’d say it’s pretty early on, because he is so protective of Rei, and takes his responsibility seriously, he is constantly looking out for Rei in ways he doesn’t for others quite as much. It’s a lot more sexual than romantic with Nagisa, because he is so shameless and such a tease, but there is genuine care behind all of his actions that goes far beyond initial attraction. 

Timeline-wise, this was pretty soon after his simple physical attraction, yet he shows a genuine desire to support Rei. And this special attention eventually develops into love. 

Nagisa expresses his love differently than Rei, though. He doesn’t stare longingly and isn’t quite as obvious in that way about his emotional attachment. But his joyfulness comes from having this close person to him that is all his, and it’s Rei’s presence that guides him through the nations relay, even when he’s not there. He is fully himself with Rei, feels safe when with Rei, and returns these feelings by protecting and defending Rei when necessary. 


Rei has basically confessed his love when he said Nagisa “has an aura that I am attracted to and…I guess you can say that thanks to that, he has me completely wrapped around his finger” in the interview. And the way he looks at Nagisa gives it away completely. 

When did he fall in love with Nagisa? Tough to say. He definitely had an attraction to him, beginning with when Nagisa called him beautiful. It’s the first time he really looks at Nagisa. He blushes, and then covers his face to try and regain composure.


e was partial to him, you can tell, because he joined swim team and began addressing him as “Nagisa-kun,” on more intimate terms. He becomes flustered and looks away before he blurts the new address out. 


But was he in love with him at this point? Perhaps not. There was an attraction, an interest, but he barely knows Nagisa. He doesn’t know just how obnoxious and pushy he’s going to be, and he especially doesn’t know how much he’ll love every second of it regardless. 

A lot of it was building up from there, as they became best friends and gradually began to rely on one another more than anyone else. And of course, the moment in the FrFr where he becomes flustered and reaches out for Nagisa’s hands. He becomes jealous easily, wanting all of Nagisa’s attention at several points. But I think episode 11 is where it was truly solidified. This look on his face is unlike any looks he gave Nagisa before, a look of purely gentle love. 


And a lot of this just increased in what I call season 1 1/2, through the CD dramas, interviews, and official art, where Rei reveals more and more of his feelings for Nagisa. 

Get married already! °A°

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"If only it had just been a dream…"
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Ryouma’s Nightmare (wet dream)

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Step one: Introduce two characters (or bandmates) with especially compelling chemistry. Once you’ve realized that fans are really enjoying their character/bandmate interaction, film them interacting even more to generate interest.

Step two: Recognizing that you’re sitting on a goldmine of potential fans for this one pairing, court the fandom by both acknowledging the existence of the ship and embracing the fans who ship it.

As a bonus, make in-show references to the ship for funsies!

Step three: Once you realize that fans have latched on to the ship as the primary reason they’re watching the show or band, start to freak out distance yourself from the pairing and issue denials.


(Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.)

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Not only does the data show that young people in general are going to the theater less with the largest drop (17%) occurring in the sought-after 18 to 25 demographic, but it indicates that movies that skew toward a male audience are performing worse than ever. That’s a big problem for Hollywood, considering that their male-oriented franchises seem to be garnering less female viewers than ever, too.

Could they be tired of seeing white dudes save the world? It certainly seems like it, as over time from Spider-Man 3 to Amazing Spider-Man 2, the webhead audience has gone from 54 to 61% male, and the Transformers movies have been following that trend with a now 64% male audience. In the old wisdom, that would’ve been great news, because those demographics were thought of as an endless fountain of money and numbers like those would’ve been seen as evidence that “girls don’t like sci-fi/comic book/[insert genre here] movies.”

But with both of the most recent entries in those franchises also hitting franchise-low domestic gross numbers, it’s well past time to rethink that and work on bringing back the female audience. The male audience isn’t cutting it, and women are getting tired of movies that don’t speak to them or accurately represent them.

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Mercury Power, Make Up! | 1992 // 2014

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